About Us

About Us

ITS IoT Services was founded in 2021, specialized in the field of IoT, Business Applications, AI, and Bioinformatics.
ITS IoT Services provides IT consulting and software development services since 2021. Working with clients from start-ups to large caps, we build cutting-edge solutions tailored to the customers’ needs.

About Us
Our Services

Our Services


  • IoT Platform As A Service: Hardware, Software, Application and Network.
  • IoT Connectivity: Cellular and LPWAN
  • Hardware prototyping and manufacturing
  • Installation and commissioning for IoT Hardware and Software.
  • Software development for sensors, gateways, devices, and network
  • Data collection and analytics with AI, Machine Learning, Big Data analytics
  • End-user application development for both Web and Mobile
  • Integration of IoT smart city solutions with any ecosystem
  • Implementation and provisioning for the IoT sensors and devices
  • Training for the project staff and knowledge sharing to ensure project success

Our Vision

Leveraging emerging technologies with best practices in IoT and digital transformation to be the trusted guide in IoT and digital transformation also the leading provider of fully integrated Smart cities innovation. We strongly believe that any business is all about people. However, IoT solution development is a team game by it’s nature. Building trustful and transparent business relationships is very important.


Our Mission

Providing cutting-edge solution in the field of IoT, Business Application, AI, and Bioinformatics. to Serve our customers as trusted allies, leveraging best practices in IoT, digital transformation and business insight with highest level of quality consulting services, customer service, and digital innovation.


Our Values